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Does Our Society Have Double Standards?

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Does Our Society Have Double Standards?

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Kate Leth is a Canadian comedian e-book artist, and her artwork ‘Double Standards’ has gone viral. She illustrates excellent examples of the double requirements in immediately’s society. Our society has modified and developed over time, nevertheless, there are nonetheless some double requirements that stay current.

#1 – Women Need To Be Ladylike And Modest

Men are prepared to scratch wherever they should in public. They decide their noses in public. Nobody says something and even offers them a second look. If a lady has been to scratch her breast in public, she opens herself as much as feedback and appears from strangers.

#2 – Who Runs The World?

The wealthy and highly effective do. They at all times have achieved, and so they in all probability at all times will. That’s why there’s one rule for them, and one other for the remainder of us.

#3 – The Emoji Double Standard

There’s just about an emoji for the whole lot. We hardly ever must sort phrases once we textual content; we will convey a complete message with a collection of pictograms. However, our concepts on what these pictograms imply can change relying on who despatched the textual content.

#4 – How A Woman Looks Is Fair Game

It doesn’t matter how a lady appears, somebody someplace will really feel the necessity to touch upon it. If she wears make-up, she’s advised that she ought to take it off and go for a pure look. If she doesn’t put on make-up, she’s advised she appears ailing and may have worn make-up. Nobody passes any touch upon how a person appears.

#5 – Making Things Favorable To Your Point Of View

Every group in society will need a state of affairs to mirror them favorably. Civilian folks caught up in a riot are harmless victims, however, civilian people who find themselves caught in warfare are merely casualties of warfare.


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